Outsourcing Android App Development – Benefits And Drawbacks

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Choosing a software development firm that can provide a unique, tailored solution that functions for your institution is vital. There are both advantages and drawbacks to outsourcing Android app development. Outsourcing has its advantages. It might offer lower prices, greater quality, and adherence to a specific time frame. If you don’t know which firm to deal with, you run the risk of making costly mistakes.

There are both advantages and drawbacks to working with an Android app development business as a startup. With the help of this blog, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on which developer is most suited for your project. Before we get into the pros and drawbacks of outsourcing Android app development, let’s take a look at outsourcing in general.


Outside vendors are brought in to provide services for your institution through outsourcing. Small firms with little or no IT skills can outsource to an expert in the field.

On-demand developers can be hired as part of outsourcing development. You can delegate some of the application tasks to the outsourced team while your in-house team works on hypothesis generation application

Benefits Of Outsourcing Android App Development

Effectiveness At A Low Price On Android App Development

You may save money by outsourcing your IT services to a third-party provider. By engaging a large team of developers, business developers, UI/UX specialists, and other relevant workers, you may save money by using an Android app development service. Utilising external knowledge while saving money on in-house resources like software and equipment is possible through outsourcing.

Talent From A Broader Pool

Some of the country’s greatest software developers hail from India, which boasts a big pool of talent. As a result, it is a good choice for those looking to outsource their mobile app development. Having worked on worldwide projects, many of them are qualified experts who understand the standards necessary for global initiatives.

This is comparable to the cost of hiring employees from within the company. This is a time-consuming and expensive process that necessitates the involvement of human resources from a huge corporation. App development might be delegated to a US-based software company as well. The hourly rate would be around $150 for iOS apps or a quarter of that for Android apps.

For a simple app, it may take two to three months to develop, while for a sophisticated one, it may take six months. The price might escalate. This is how it compares to rates from other countries. The hourly rate for a Ukrainian developer is $60, but the rate for an Indian coder is $20-$40.

Time Is Money

Time is your most significant asset as a business owner. When you outsource IT, you don’t have to spend as much time and effort looking for the proper developer. Your essential company operations will benefit as a result of this. The customer experience may be improved by introducing new products and services.

Transparency And Control Of The Development Process

An outside mobile app development firm will have complete transparency in everything it does and full control over the whole mobile application development process after you sign a contract with them. The progress of each task may be monitored using a variety of monitoring technologies that are available to you from many firms. This might lead to a beneficial commercial partnership between the parties.

At Your Fingertips, Expertise

Outsourcing business can assist boost your productivity and offer you access to -skilled professionals. Software development or parts of it should be outsourced to experienced experts so that they can fill in the blanks and give insight whenever and wherever it is needed. They can. A top Android App Development Company with high-level expertise is needed to reap the full benefits of Android App Development.

Drawbacks Of Outsourcing Android App Development 

Data Secrecy On Android App Development

You must keep your data secure. Your data may be compromised if you opt to outsource the development of your mobile app to other organisations. Developers for iOS and Android can be hired through freelancing websites. They care about protecting your personal information. Before assigning a project, make sure you have a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in place.

Problems In The Flow Of Information

Time zones, cultural differences, and language limitations are all potential sources of communication breakdowns. Client-outsourced team communication channels are critical to a project’s success. To have a good partnership, you must be able to accept and understand the differences in culture.

The hardest obstacles to overcome are those caused by a lack of familiarity with the target language. It might take a lot of effort and money to fix a misunderstood request. Look for software firms that can interact with you in your native language.


Managing the process of iOS and Android app development may be challenging. Outsourcing helps you to spend less time on application development, but it reduces your ability to manage when and how activities are accomplished. Setting the same standards may not be possible for your firm.

There is a chance that the project isn’t progressing as planned for you. This is OK as long as you are happy with the results. During demo presentations, be on the lookout for faults with code quality or tasks that have not been complete.

Last thoughts

To minimise operational issues, you should weigh the advantages and downsides of collaborating with an outsourced mobile app development agency. An in-depth examination of the Android App Development Companies track record and reputation on the market may eradicate these defects. Blogs and internet reviews are great resources for getting feedback from customers. You may ask for recommendations from the business to aid in your selection.

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