How To Boost Your Engagement For B2B Tech Buyers With Outbound Content Marketing

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Content Marketing is king in the corporate world. They use material on social media, websites, and even search engine advertising. Buyers consume infographics and podcasts before purchasing, in addition to blogs and articles.

Many institutions’ business models revolve around content marketing, which was an uncommon occurrence. Is it time to give up on tried-and-true marketing tactics like inbound and outbound marketing?

What Does The Term “Content Marketing” Mean?

Information marketing is all about luring potential clients with useful content. In the awareness or comparison phases of the purchase cycle, it aids in attracting potential customers.

Customers are in the awareness stage when they know what they want but need help getting it. Many pieces are shared on LinkedIn and Facebook as blogs, articles, movies, podcasts, or infographics. This is the most common stage of content marketing.

So Why Does It Work So Well?

Content marketing must appeal to a broad spectrum of institutions. IT organisations who don’t employ content marketing are missing out on a huge portion of their target market.

According to a Digital Marketing Institute survey, brand recognition is critical for B2B content. Top content marketers use social media to build subscriptions, audiences, and leads, according to CMI.

Loyalty And Conversion

Content marketing’s most significant goals are building customer trust and fostering customer loyalty. The buyer’s journey to conversion and loyalty requires acceptance of a company’s surface content.

In the conversion phase, customers use metrics like ROI to decide which product to buy. Content influences prospects’ judgements, although in a much more subtle way, during this stage. Product reviews, case studies, and competitor comparisons affect a prospect’s decision.

Is Outbound Lead Generation worth it?

A lot of people equate outbound marketing with spam emails, outsourced salespersons, and even YouTube commercials.

Outbound lead generation is all about contacting potential customers who match your desired customer profile. Cold emailing, cold phoning, LinkedIn follow-ups, and so on are common methods used by sales experts. This is done with spray-and-pray when trying to reach a big audience to gain new clients.

On the other hand, inbound marketing targets clients who desire your goods.

Increase the number of leads in your sales funnel, or turn prospects after the two-to-six-week process.

The Value Of Information

With an effective outbound plan, accuracy and up-to-date data are essential. If you don’t have enough data to locate prospects who fit your ICP, your email bounce rate will increase.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM), an important outbound marketing tactic, requires data. ABM’s focus on reaching senior decision-makers at companies with the right ICP leads to increased ROI.

Account-based marketing outperforms all other outbound strategies, according to over 85% of users.

Outbound Sales With Content Marketing?

The best B2B content marketing efforts contain outbound sales.

Absorbing all four stages of the purchasing cycle is an effective marketing plan. Outside lead creation strategies fail because they make promises before delivering anything back.

Giving before receiving is the goal of providing outbound material in cold emails. In doing so, you give the appearance that you care about the success of your potential clients’ businesses. To identify which judgement has the right ICP for your technology, you need to invest in data. To increase your ABM strategy’s conversion rate, you might incorporate content within it. “People would go far further to avoid pain than to achieve pleasure,” says New York Times finest author Tucker Max. The receiver may have a serious issue that you can help them with, so be sure to mention it.”

Outbound content marketing uses popular media like videos, blogs, podcasts, and articles to aid prospects.

The fundamental distinction is that B2B content marketers go out and discover the proper people to target.

Takeaways To Content Marketing

Modern marketing strategies do not exclude outbound lead generation.

This is where content marketing and outbound sales work best. From brand awareness to brand loyalty, each stage of the buyer’s journey may be targeted.

Integrating two effective tactics obtains a greater conversion rate and increased ROI. You may be presented as a solution once they’ve found it via outbound content marketing.

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